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Nov 18, 2007
hey everyone, i am so happy i went to orientation!!!! the base is so beautiful, and the cadet area is HUGE!! i didn't think it would be that big, but when i was walking it with hornetguy i was like "WOW!!". and by the way, hornetguy was really awesome- he showed me around and gave me a good representation of USAFA, and i am forever thankful :). but yea, the cadet chapel was awe-inspiring as well as the rest of the cadet area. i wish i didn't have to leave, lol!. the cadets all seemed very cool with me, and they all gave their two cents about the academy. i learned a whole lot from the breifings and got an idea of what the academics will be like from shadowing hornetguy and his roommate. what really got me excited was how advanced the academic facilities were! as well as the top-notch teaching skills of the instructors. however, the highlight of my stay was when i found out that next year, freshmen will have the opportunity to take basic soaring in their second semester!!!!!! i still haven't confirmed this with official sources, but i heard about it from two different soaring IP's and that really encouraged me more than anything to not only go to USAFA but to excel academically.

i encourage all appointees to try and make it to orientation, weather you have decided to go or not, because it is well worth it!