Ortho-K Contact Lenses

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    I’m joining AFROTC next semester as an AS250 and have been told that I should expect do my DoDMERB next semester. I currently wear Ortho-K contact lenses and have been for the past two years. Is this a automatic DQ for AFROTC (The Academy website lists it as one) or should I stop wearing them now so I complete the 90-day waiting period for my cornea to return to normal? For reference my prior vision was around -3.25 or something.

    Another question; I received an IEP in Elementary School because of pronouncation issues and this lasted until the middle of 11th grade when the IEP was removed. I have not continued speech therapy in college and no longer have any speech problems of any kind (Beyond having a Northeastern accent for some reason). Should I do anything about this or am I set and ready to go?

    I’m guessing my username should probably now be AspiringABM unless the gods deliver me from this wretched world of myopia and speech impediments
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    Its a shame you will be forced to stop wearing them. One of my sons wear them and he loves the freedom of not having to use contacts or glasses during the day. How much easier is it to wear contacts when you sleep. They have been working on a version where wearing them for a period of time (like a week) will allow you to have almost perfect vision for a year. They are being tested in Mexico from what I hear
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    I don't think the USAF will waive a refractive error worse than -3.00 for flying class I.

    You can probably get a waiver for flying class II though... so username can be AspiringRPAdriver.