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Dec 16, 2007

I was asked to complete an orthodontic remedial questionairre because I have braces. I had my orthodontist do the paperwork, and I noticed that he said all my active treatment would be completed by June 2011, with the word 'retention' in () next to it. So, when I sent the letter back to DoDMERB, I included a cover letter very clearly explaining that my braces will be removed in late April of 2008 and that I failed to make the fact that retainers don't count as active treatment clear to my orthodontist until after he had filled out the form. Today I see that DoDMERB updated my website with the DQ code "D004.00". :thumbdown:

I have several questions.

-Is this a temporary DQ until I get my braces off in April?

-If it is temporary, how do I go about notifying them to get the DQ removed when the end of April rolls around and I get them off?

-If it is not just temporary, can I get a waiver?

-If appropriate, how do I start the waiver process? How soon should I start it?

-Am I correct that you can have a retainer so long as the braces are off?

Thanks in advance!
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I had this DQ and when I got my braces removed in October I sent a letter in and it dissappeared from the site. I doubt they will remove the DQ until you are officialy done with braces.
As long as you are in orthodontics (braces) DoDMERB has to disqualify. It is possible to get a waiver, and also, once the braces have been removed then DoDMERB can remove the disqualification. If you do get a waiver granted, then there is no need to have the disqualification removed.

Retainers are not an issue.
I'm going to request a waiver just to be on the safe side.

How do I start the process? What do I say, and to whom do I say it?
When you get the letter from DoDMERB stating that you are disqualified, there will be a page attached that breaks down the waiver process for each service academy and ROTC program.

A copy of the breakdown is also located here: https://dodmerb.tricare.osd.mil/MiscMenuItems/faqs.asp#num5q

Follow the instructions for the program that you are applying for.

I would also have you write a letter explaining in your words when the braces are coming off, as well as any issues you have had with the braces, if at all. Send that letter to DoDMERB and they will forward it to the waiver authorities for their review.