Other ways of becoming a Naval Officer?

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    I recently just received a full-ride scholarship to University of Illinois that's not through the military. I'm still in the running for a NROTC scholarship, but haven't heard back yet. If I were to be declined from NROTC or just choose to take this scholarship instead, is there an Officer Candidate School or something I can go to after college? I doubt I'll do the college program if I don't receive the NROTC scholarship. My goal is to still be a Naval Officer; I'm just wondering if there is a way for me to get there without having to go in enlisted after school.
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    You would want to start talking to an officer recruiter near the end of your Junior year. You would likely do most of your accession screening at Naval Station Great Lakes, near Chicago. There's the usual Officer Candidate School (OCS) in Newport, R.I., unless you want to go aviation. Then you would go Aviation OCS (AOCS), which is in Pensacola. AOCS has a reputation for being much tougher but I couldn't say for sure because I went NROTC. It's tough, but anyone can endure anything for 14 weeks when you consider the payoff. Just eliminate quitting as an option in your mind.
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    Although I can think of (perhaps good) reasons not to do NROTC as a college programmer if you already have a full ride scholarship, I still think it's your surest way to a commission. Additionally, it will give (additional?) direction and purpose to your college years, and provide you with valuable leadership and fitness training that will also serve you well in college. I honestly attribute my son's success in college to his participation in NROTC which, until his second semester of sophomore year, has been without a scholarship.

    This video deals with NROTC Marine Option and "sells" the scholarship. But if you listen closely to the college students throughout the video you will hear kernels of truth that apply to Navy Option College Programmers as well.


    This one, though not as inspiring to me, talks a bit to Navy Option.


    There's advantages to NROTC besides the scholarship. Choose wisely. Good luck on whatever course you take. :thumb:

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