Hey all,

I want to apply for Special Investigator. I am hoping to be accepted into Air Force reserves, and would be a reserve Investigations Officer. How likely is this? Would I find out before OTS, or after? My major was in English and I have no criminal justice work experience, if that makes a difference. However, I may have at least one criminal justice internship before applying for OTS. I also might have a few grad courses in criminal justice done too.

If I don’t get selected for reserve Special Investigations Officer, I would choose reserve security forces. Could I transfer branches at any point from security to Investations?



I can tell you out of AF Rotc, OSI is very hard to get into. My son's detachment had one guy get into it. However, he was well qualifed and had a criminal justice degree. On the other hand, OSI reps came to my son UPT (flight training class) and told them if they fail UPT to come to OSI. It seems like that route is easier. My guess is that doing it through OTS would hard also but I have no real idea. Honestly I have no idea how you could be an investigator in the reserves if you only work 2 weekends a month and 2 weeks a year. What are you going to do when Sunday is over and you cant continue with the investigation.
OSI in the reserves basically looks like working a few months at a time, then having a few months off - like any other mos.

I wonder if it’s easier out of OTS than rotc?

thanks for the reply!


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OSI reservist investigators work just like any other reservist. They have regular jobs (often in law enforcement) and do their drill and reserve weeks along with their peers. Their deployments are where they do the full-time investigating. OSI reservists deploy a lot and are often in the hot spots overseas. One of my best friends is a Sheriff's Deputy here in Wisconsin and is also a Lt.Col. OSI investigator. He commissioned through OTS and was a UPT candidate who switched to OSI after he did not meet eyesight standards.

Thanks guys. I guess my main questions are

1) do I sign on to OSI before OTS, or after?

2) what can I do to become more competitive, given my lack of criminal justice/law enforcement? Again, I may have an internship or two before OTS - will that help at all? In other words, what are they looking for in a osi Officer?

3) can I transfer over from a different mos if not selected immediately?