Our "bad sponsor daughter"

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    Our DD was fortunate enough to have been assigned a sponsor family. Freshman year, she didn’t spend a lot time with them. Our only opinion we had of them was hers, which was that they were nice, but spent a lot of time at church. In her sophomore year when we did meet the family, they were indeed very nice & I admonished our DD for not spending more time with them. Well in her junior year, our DD did so, but over that Parent’s Weekend, we were very late for their family dinner (my fault) to which she referred to herself as the “bad sponsor daughter”. Well life sometimes gives you an opportunity to provide redemption for your family. This year, the sponsor family had some difficulties arise & our DD was able to help in a minimal way (run errands). For last week’s PW we went over for dinner (almost on time) & our DD’s sponsor parents repeatedly mentioned how much her help meant to them. When we told them she called herself the “bad sponsor daughter,” they laughed & said that almost all of their previous cadets a one point or another referred to themselves as the “bad” one’s as well! The moral of the story is that sometimes our children trivialize their actions, so as parents, we naturally think the same. But their actions mean a lot more to the lives they touch. Spending your time with someone is more valuable then you may realize. People have material things, but when you give someone your time, that can be priceless. DW & I are so happy our DD was able to give a little back to her sponsor family, a family who has given so much more to her, the “bad” one.
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