Our First USNA family Member


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May 15, 2007
As we were driving onto the Yard, through officer’s quarters, I saw a woman walking her dog, a border collie, and I commented to her what a nice dog it was, and she said do you want him. I asked why and she and her husband were looking to downsize the amount of dogs they have. He is the German Professor at USNA. We got to talking and we made arrangement for us to adopt the dog. Call it fate, but it looks as though our first USNA Family member will be a dog. He was born there. :smile: :thumb:
My first class year, a dog showed up on the Yard. She slept in Bancroft, went to meals in the chow hall, went to classes, marched in the P-rades, and was even in the Bill the Goat entourage at football games. She wore her on little "Bite Army" blanket at Army-Navy.She was a black border collie size and shape kind of dog with brown markings. I seem to remember her name as "Alice", but I am not sure. Our yearbook has six full pages devoted solely to her but not once does it mention her name. And I have no idea what happened to her after we graduated. Maybe you have one of her descendents.