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    Does anyone have any knowledge on whether MARAD will continue to strictly enforce five years of sailing post graduation, or if they will start approving more shoreside maritime positions anytime soon. With the ongoing slowdown in the Gulf, with many getting laid off or having their wages cut, the unions and MSC have been flooded with newcomers. I actually have a friend who got hired by MSC, but has been waiting four months to start orientation. It is my understanding that MARAD checks in with the unions and MSC every so often to get an idea of the outlook for available seagoing jobs, and then determines how lenient they want to be on approving shore side work. If any recent grads, or parents, have any knowledge of what types of shore side jobs are getting approved, and whether it's private industry or federal work, your insight would be much appreciated. It seems that the industry is cyclical, and at certain time periods, such as the mid 80's and early 2000's, seagoing jobs get scarce and MARAD starts allowing more shoreside work. I wonder if we are headed for another one of these time periods...
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    From what MARAD tells us, they want everyone sailing commercially or on active duty, exceptions are quite limited.

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