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Overnight visit - Parent briefing info

Discussion in 'Military Academy - USMA' started by chief_bs, Mar 24, 2011.

  1. chief_bs

    chief_bs 5-Year Member

    Dec 23, 2010
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    I'm currently sitting in the metropolis of Fishkill. Son is at his overnight at the Academy. He has his Appointment and has accepted for 2015.

    A few things I learned at the briefing.

    The class of 2015 will be in the 1250 range. This was the number quoted by the Admissions officer giving the briefing. One person there was still looking for an appointment for his son. While I wouldn't tell folks to give up hope, the person was told that if his son hadn't received an Appointment yet, they should be seriously looking at "plan b" = ROTC. It was also stressed that if you don't get in the first year (straight out of high school), don't give up if you really want it. A significant number (around 20% is the number I remember) of cadets get in with a time break between high school and their entry.

    The class of 2016 will be in the 1100 range. Army force reductions planned post Iraq/Afghanistan are evidently in the offing. The estimated total reduction is in the 40,000 range (as I remember). Officer promotions (which usually occur at the 3 yr point) may now occur a little later - 3.5 yr.

    Approximately 50% of officers who go to WP stick around after the first 5 year commitment.

    The briefing officer really stressed getting your application in (for 2016) as soon as you possibly can, particularly if you think you may need a medical waiver. He stressed that hundreds get initial medical disqualifications. He stated that if you think you've got a condition that will get you disqualified (at least initially), you're probably right. But, the earlier you get your file in and get your physical from DODMERB, the more time you'll have to try to get a waiver if you need one. Average waiver time; in the 3 month range. Candidates who wait may get shut out because time runs out to get the waiver if they wait too long.

    Take the SAT/ACT as many times (and as soon) as you can. They only keep the highest score (and superscore the SAT). Particularly recommended that you take Algebra II/Trig before you take the SAT. Scores in math typically go up significantly. Try to get through at least pre-calc in high school.

    Getting nominations from ALL sources was also stressed. Since most congressmen/senators make 10 nominations (which WP then competitively ranks), if you have nominations from more than one source, your odds of getting in go up. As an example, if you are #2 for your congressman, and #2 for your senator, and someone beats you out for your congressional seat, you've got another chance. If the guy who got the slot from your congressman was also most competitive for your senator (or if the #1 guy from your senator declines or medically DQ's), you are in (assuming you are triple q'd).

    In the leadership/extracurricular category, it was stated that the review board (or at least the officer briefing the group today) was looking for candidates who had leadership positions in a few groups (sports, school newspaper, other clubs) rather than folks who were members of lots of groups/clubs but with no leadership experience. The officer stressed talking with your high school advisor, school newspaper advisor, scout leader, etc. Tell them you want to go to West Point and that you want to get into leadership positions to help in your quest. Be proactive. Ask. Those who let their desires known (and why) will tend to get the most help.

    And - finally, it SNOWED up here last night. The tour was sunny but windy and COLD. Supposed to be 20 degrees tonight and 14 tomorrow night. Nothing like spring in New York. At least it wasn't like Pittsburgh yesterday (where we're from). A tornado less than 5 miles from our house... Must be global warming.:shake:

    Hope this info helps.
  2. jake s

    jake s USMA Cadet 5-Year Member

    Sep 7, 2009
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  3. scoutpilot

    scoutpilot 5-Year Member

    Apr 29, 2010
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    That's what we used to call "normal." My class had only about 1162 on R-Day.
  4. GSKeziah

    GSKeziah 5-Year Member

    Nov 29, 2010
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    Okay I got a question, I'm not doubting that they are decreasing the class size when asking this so don't take it that way but here we go.

    I have been under the impression that during your second year at west point you have 1 plebe that you are in charge of, do you think 150 Class of 2015 cadets will drop out by then so they can still do that or will some cadets not be assigned a cadet or what?

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