Overnight Visit

I have my overnight scheduled for next Thursday I am so looking forward towards seeing the campus and speaking with the mids and plebes. I did receive a letter from USMMA on what to bring for the overnight. I will post thoughts when I come back
DS had a great visit at USMMA and received an appointment! The director of admissions presented it to him while my husband and I were there. I think having the rowing coach advocate for him helped...or at least sped up the process. We”re very proud of him but he’s got a big decision ahead...he’s going to wait to hear from USAFA, his first choice. But having an appointment to USMMA and an AFROTC scholarship is nice.
Congratulations boatingmom!
Congratulations!!! My DS is junior this year. Been accepted to NASS, SLE, and Boys State...trying to learn as much as he can about MMA . Hi2 order of references are CGA, MMA, USMA, NA. Is it possible to posts your DS's general resume, since he is recruited to play sport? Thx!
MJ2020 - DS wasn't recruited...he just expressed an interest in rowing because he loves it and is very good. As for a resume, I don't want to be too specific in the interest of privacy. But compared to the published USMMA mean scores, he received a higher than average ACT/SAT, average GPA, average CFA, medically qualified, leader in CAP, rowing, band, and 2 nominations.