Overweight Dobmerb Exam

Oct 27, 2022
Hey, for my height, it says I have to be 169, however, I am around 175. My body fat percentage is completely healthy, would my weight be a disqualifier?
Probably not, but it will be measured during your DODMERB medical exam. If you are preparing for the CFA, scoring near the averages and running routinely, then I bet you will be fine. However, if you maintain your current weight, then you will be required to undergo follow-on testing as one of my students experienced a few years ago. I recommend avoiding any issues by pulling your weight down below the 169 lbs 'limit.' Good luck with your application!
What "follow-on" testing did your student have to complete? Was it a tape test? My athletic son will never be under the weight limit, but I'm sure he has less than 20% body fat.

He qualified DODMERB and received his appointment. No one has mentioned his weight yet, but I think he's 10-15 pounds over.
I don’t think weight alone would be an issue unless it far exceeds the “norms.”
It was a body fat test: a gymnast who, as you can imagine, was a strong athlete and as smart as they come. :)