Pain meds

Feb 16, 2017
Hi- DS has been working away on his ROTC and SA apps. His is scheduled to have shoulder surgery in 2 weeks for a torn labrum. I have no idea when he will go for his DoDMERB exam, but my guess is his surgery will DQ him automatically. I also do not know what pain meds his Dr will prescribe, but DS will answer honestly to any DoDMERB questions regarding medication. My question is, will certain meds (oxy, Percocet, etc) further complicate any chance of a waiver? He may end just sticking with Tylenol- I really don't know. Just curious how others have done after any surgeries. Appreciate your words of wisdom!
DD had to record dosage and start/stop date for pain medicine post surgery. Get the surgical records at some point after the surgery. Have the surgeon record range of motion when released for full activity. Our experience was that it took the full six months for DoDMERB qualification post surgery despite the release to full activity earlier. This was for two surgeries and two separate DoDMERB physicals - though neither was a shoulder.

Your timing should be good if all goes well with surgery and recovery.

Hydrocodone prescribed pre and post surgery caused no issue with qualification.
Motrin was a savior to my son after his labrum surgery. He tried the pain meds for 2 days and he felt horrible and still was in pain. Load up on ice for the machine to ice his shoulder. A lazy boy type chair is helpful to sleep upright for a few weeks. Our son slept in a chaise chair in the living room with a bunch of pillows for a few weeks. He was in the sling 24x7 for 6 weeks but became adept at taking it on/ off by himself. The fact he needed assistance was frustrating for him. Son was waived by USMA 2.5 months after surgery - 1 month after the DQ arrived. He had a remedial that had to be worked out before the DQ happened. USNA took a little less than 6 months for a waiver. I'll be thinking of you. We spent a lot of time together watching the Olympics and working on academy and college apps.
The surgery isn't bad.... but the rehab is!

I had my surgery while I was an officer. Good time!
DS took DoDMERB exam just before Thanksgiving; could have postponed a few weeks if needed. That give you 18 weeks or more from now; can probably stretch it to 24 without pushing the limit.
Always better to get it done early [time for remedial / waiver etc] but if you need extra rehab time you can take the exam even later.

Anticipate a request for extra info / remedial so keep all your paperwork and make friends with the office staff at Dr's office ;)