Parents Weekend and Thudgate time

Discussion in 'Air Force Academy - USAFA' started by kalusafa, Aug 11, 2012.

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    Hi everyone, less than three weeks to go and we will be out for our last Parents Weekend. I can't believe how fast it has gone and what a great time as parents to watch our DS grow and go through this experience. We have loved coming out to USAFA and have been fortunate enough to get out 3-4 times a year on average from Michigan. Parents Weekends have always been so much fun...seeing our son Thursdays, classes, Squadron Opern Houses, Air Field on Friday's, AF football on Saturday's, and then a few days away. We did Breckenridge last year and will be heading there again after the game.

    As for the games, what a fantastic experience these have been. Been out to see the PW game, and then usually another game or so every season. Navy two years ago was great, and will be doing that again this year. The away game to Notre Dame last year was really a neat experience. The Notre Dame fans were absolutely fantastic to our cadets. Our son came out with the cadets, so was in uniform. It was countless the number of Notre Dame fans that came up to shake his hand and talk to him. One family even asked for a photo with AFA cadets. Priceless as parents.

    That gets me to Thudgate. Its hard to believe that after all these years of getting Christcorps honest, accurate, and straightforward advise, that we have never made it to the Thudgate Tailgate. Mike (Christcorp), is Thudgate on for the PW game? If so, I will tear our family out of the cadet area tailgates and stop in at Thudgate. Looking forward to meeting you after these last few years.

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    I went ahead and bumped the Thudgate thread. Of course it's on. It will always be on. If there's a home game, there will be thudgate. It celebrates not only our team and the academy; but MAINLY it celebrates the men and women who HAVE served; ARE serving; WILL serve, like our cadets; and especially those no longer with us. Definitely hope to see you there. Hope to see everyone there. Mike....

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