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    Registration for Parents Weekend is not required, but I was looking over the registration page. There was a place to list any distinguished guests. What constitutes distinguished? A certain rank? Officers only? My father-in-law retired from the Air Force as a Chief Master Sargent and will be with us. Just checking. Thank you.
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    IMO...Your father in law certainly fits the distinguished guest criteria. A Distinguish Guest does not have to be an Officer...just any individual that has attained a notable achievement whether it be military or civilian line of, JD, MD, Enlisted retiree that attained CMSgt. certainly has my respect...just as a Buck Private or an Airman that many have earned Combat medals...Bronze Star, Silver Star, Purple Heart, Medal of Honor etc...FYI most Distinguished individuals would rather be low key though...its part of their "humbleness"
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    From the Parent's Weekend Brochure: "When registering, please make sure to identify any individuals in your group who may be in a distinguished visitor status (such as general officers, active or retired; high-ranking elected officials; international high-ranking individuals; heads of state; celebrities; or others that may be considered of DV stature) and anyone who may need handicapped assistance."
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    Ask your child what guidance they've been given by their squadron and if it lines up with that brochure-last year I think we were told that DV's would be general officers or politicians. This isn't to take away from the accomplishments of anyone else, just for the squadrons and planning purposes.
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    I am also a retired Chief and a 2016 parent. While your father in law and I get reserved parking spots in front of the BX and Commissary next to the General Officers and stay in the same DV quarters in base lodging as they do, that’s the extent of our DV status. From a protocol standpoint, the Academy leadership just wants to know who is visiting the installation in case any military courtesies need to be extended.

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