'Partially Closed' - DoDMERB TMRW!


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Nov 8, 2017
I have my DoDMERB medical exam tomorrow and I had my eye exam in December 2017.

I just finished all of the survey questions on my medical packet on DoDMETS. I am trying to e-sign the survey because the website says I need to have it signed to bring to the appointment. However it says my status is "Partially Closed" and I cannot sign the packet. It says "Signature Not Permitted."

Why is this happening? I saw on other threads that it is because I have already done the eye exam, but that doesn't explain why it won't let me sign the packet if my exam is scheduled for tomorrow? And do I really need it signed for tomorrow or can I bring the un-signed copy?

Also, the exam date I entered into the DoDMETS system is correct, so that shouldn't be causing the problem.

Can anyone help? I know I waited until the last minute to fill out the packet but I didn't think I would encounter this. Thanks.

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As Mr. Mullen. He has been absolutely amazing for us. Lightening fast responses.

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It you waited 45 to 60 days then your account will be probably on standby or closed. Happened to me and you need to contact DODMERB about it or your Cadre.