passport expiring


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Oct 28, 2008
Hi, Do I need to get my passport renewed before beast or is that something the military will want to do? Thanks.
It would be easiest to get it renewed now while you have free time. You can renew it at USMA, but finding time to do it can be a problem. If you travel on USMA business (such as spending a semester abroad or traveling on an AIAD) you will be issued an official government passport, but that is for use ONLY on official business, not personal travel.

Thank you! You answered all my questions. By the way, cheers to you mom of two cadets.
Passports are processed very quickly these days. I'm hearing a week or two before you get them back.
The processing time is indeed very short, son got his back in about 10 days.
sooooooo, it isn't required to HAVE a passport at usma? Is it? My son never had one, never traveled outside of USA.
A passport is not required. It is a good idea to get one before R-day so he has it for future trips. For example, my son is going to France over spring break as part of a history dept trip. The cadets that are going are supposed to use their regular passports and not the official government ones.