Peanut Allergy Help, Please.


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Oct 10, 2007
Hello. My son received (earned) a Air Force ROTC scholarship to attend Embry-Riddle University. On his second day at the school, he received notification that his request for a medical waiver for his peanut allergy was refused. The ROTC office wasted no time in telling him that his scholarship was now gone. Needless to say, he was devastated. I have called Dodmrb and was told that the peanut allergy was considered a severe allergy, and that is why the waiver request was refused. Meanwhile, I know of many cadets at West Point and even active Army personnel that currently have peanut allergies. I have written to all of my congresspeople, the Vice President, and the President. Thinking that the Army may be more receptive to a waiver, we are trying to get the Army ROTC at the school to process another waiver request. Can you suggest anything that my son or I can do that may improve our chances of having this waiver request granted? Any help that you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
At this point in time the best thing to do would be to have your son write the waiver authorities and explain in his own words exactly what symptoms he has when eating peanuts, or other products containing peanuts and peanut oils. Have him ask them to re-consider his waiver denial.

I can tell you that if he can not consume peanuts, products containing peanuts or any items that have peanut oils in them the chances of a waiver are slim. I understand that you may know others who have allergies to peanuts, but it all depends on the severity of the allergy. If the symptoms that occur include any type of throat or mouth tingling or swelling then again, the chances of a waiver are slim, if the symptoms are hives then the chances for a waiver go up.

The waiver authorities look over each case, and base thier decision on the symptoms that the applicant has. If they are mild symptoms that do not require medical intervention with the consumption of an allergen, then a waiver is more possible than someone who requires medical intervention any time they come into contact with the allergen.

If you have any other questions please feel free to ask away.

When sending out inquiries and/or explanations to DODMERB, is there a specific address that should be used? The only address that I have is DODMERB, Colorado Springs, CO 80840-2200.

Thanks for any help that you can provide.
All correspondence to DoDMERB should go to :

8034 Edgerton Dr Suite 132
USAFA, CO 80840-2200