Pending Waiver-AFROTC


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Jan 17, 2007
I am currently pending a waiver for Mitral Regurgitation. The local det CC told me that 75% of his incoming cadets have to get a waiver for random minute things. Does anyone know how likely I am to be waivered? The cardiologist said I am a normal healthy athlete and there is nothing wrong with me.

It depends on the severity of the mitral regurgitation. If its a mild mitral regurgitation then a wavier would be more likely, the more serious it is, the lower a chance of waiver. Did you get your cardiologist to put his statement in writing? And if you did, did you send that to DoDMERB? If you have not, then I would attempt to get that and submit it to DoDMERB so they can forward it to the waiver authority.
It is listed as Mild on the DoDMERB site. I did send them a letter the cadiologist wrote and she is prepared to send another rebuttal letter on my behalf. I was told that Mitral Valve Relapse can be somewhat common in young athletes.

If your cardiologist is willing to write another statement I would have her do it and send it into DoDMERB. Most likely you will not be able to rebut the findings with DoDMERB, but it will assist with the waiver authorities. You have to remember that DoDMERB works in black and white. If you have a condition that listed as a disqualification in the instructions that DoDMERB uses, you will be found disqualified. The waiver authorities are the only ones at that point that can do anything about it, so at that point you are looking for a waiver.
Many congrats! One major obsticle down. Let us know where you end up!