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    Please consider VERY CAREFULLY how much personally identifying information you post on public sites like this. It is not a violation of forum rules to post this information but there are many reasons it's not wise to do so.

    Personal information includes at a minimum your name and school but could also include information that would make it easy for someone to identify you, such as very detailed information regarding sports, clubs, ethnic background, etc.

    This is not to suggest that you should never post "resumes." Rather, consider what -- and how much -- personal and/or identifying information you include in them.

    For example, does someone really need to know the h.s. you attend or the city in which you live. If you think it's important, you can say "large inner-city public high school" or "small Catholic girls' school." For ethnic background -- "first generation American" or "English not primary language spoken at home" will convey the info you need without giving away too much data.

    If you have concerns about data you have already posted -- and can no longer edit -- please contact one of the mods. But, it's better to be careful on the front end.

    Thanks for your time.

    Your friendly mod
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