PFT test for arotc scholorship

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by olddave, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. olddave

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    Jul 14, 2010
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    My son is a high school senior applying for an AROTC sholorship. He us going to take the
    Physical Fitness Test this week. My question is: If he does poorly on it, is he able to retake it.
  2. aglages

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    Aug 27, 2009
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    Who is giving him the test? If it is his PE teacher just do NOT submit the results to AROTC. Tell her/him that you are going to take it again after you improve your scores and that you'll wait and submit those results.
    Good Luck! :thumb:
  3. educateme

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    Nov 7, 2009
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    my son took APFT instead with a PMS of a nearby state flagship university. He got to know this PMS because of some local events that were organized by this battalion that my son participated in a few times.

    When he first did it, he was told he was doing the situps the wrong way, and did not "pass" the APFT because of it.

    The PMS said "let's consider this a practice test"

    The PMS told him how to train to do it the right way, had him spend a few hours with the cadets in his battalion, and asked him come back in two weeks to take the test again.

    In the second attempt, my son passed it well above the min (min: 180, his score 250). This score was submitted officially.

    As a side bar: Knowing full well that his battalion was not even on my son's list, he offered to call the PMS of the # 1 school on his school of intent list to share some "nice observations" of my son.
  4. clarksonarmy

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    define poorly...there are no published standards for this test, so unless your son just can't do a pushup, or runs over 10 minutes for the 1 mile, it won't really make a difference. If your son has adequate SAL attributes the PFT will probably just be a confirmation for the board. If your son is lacking Athlete attributes the PFT score may bear a little more weight. Since this is the last time the PFT will mean anything I would contend that it won't mean much this time either, unless it is really bad. If it is that bad, I'm with agles, don't send it in.

    I'm advising applicants to take the PFT this year to avoid confusing the board. Educateme has good advice for when he's ready to take the APFT. All but one of my scholarship winners this year had to take the APFT more than once for me to validate their scholarship. Don't worry about the APFT at this point.

    Keep in mind the deadline is approaching for the first board. If you are screwing around with PFT scores now, they aren't going to change much in two weeks. Get it done and submitted. If you don't get picked up for the first board, retake the test and send in the new scores if you think it will help.

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