Phone number to call for DODMERB to check on a waiver

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    My son is a sophomore at Norwich, he applied 2 yrs in a row for USNA and was not accepted. This year he also applied for the NROTC scholarship ( Marine option) and won one. He was disqualified ( almost 2yrs ago) for an astigmatism and not corrected to 20/20. He corrects to 20/25 in one eye 20/20 in the other . He needs to call DODMERB and check on his waiver. Does anyone know what number he should call and is there someone who can help him?
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    DoDMERB does not do the waivers. Calling them will not assist you. All DoDMERB does is Q or DQ and asks for remedials. Once the DQ comes down, the commissioning source, in this case HQ NROTC (medical board) will be determining if a waiver will be given. If he went through it 2 years ago and got a DQ, with no waiver, chances are it isn't going to change.

    Caveat. Did he apply for the NROTC MO in HS? If he didn't than you may want to see via DoDMERB online portal if they have on his file NROTC MO requesting the exam. If so, than go back to my earlier statement regarding it is in HQs hands right now. It can take months, especially right now to get through the waiver process. They are handling everyones DQs that received in early winter/spring a scholarship.

    One thing to remember is that exam is only valid for 2 years. For example, he took it August 1, 2013. Will not return to school until Aug 15th. That exam will not be valid for him to contract when he returns, and that means he has to take it again, Nothing will be paid until he has the Q or waiver.
    ~ If that is the case I would have your DS contact his unit and inform them that the exam will be not valid by the time contracting rolls around this fall. The unit may be able to initiate a new exam now so you don't get lost in the shuffle come fall.
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    Just curious, how does one initiate the waiver process to the USNA if you are DQ'd for any reason?
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    You do nothing to start the waiver process. USNA will review the DQ and determine next steps. As Pima says, DoDMERB issues the DQs and the commissioning sources decide on waivers. The frustrating part is that the candidate is only the subject and not a participant in the waiver process.
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