Placed on National Waiting List.

Good evening my friends, I'm back(briefly)...

I just got an official correspondence that I've been placed on the NWL. My understanding is that a fine candidate in my district has won my slate and will be offered an appointment. Congratulations to him/her!! They will make an excellent officer.

After some research I've come to learn that the NWL is comprised of only 150 other candidates(based off this quote-->"The National Waiting List is comprised of 150 very qualified young men and women, all of whom USMA wants but cannot offer an appointment to at this time."). I'm extremely thankful to be considered among these candidates, but I was hoping someone could give me a bearing on my chances(statistically) moving forward.

Does anyone know roughly how many candidates will be offered an appointment out of the 150 on the NWL? I initially thought there were hundreds of candidates on the NWL and 150 would get offers.

Thank you for any answers or comments you may provide

I had the exact same question and posted it here and Jl123 here had the answers! Everyone goes on the list.
On a Friday (two weeks ago) my DS has his CFA turn green and a letter appeared in his portal - same as you describe. "You are qualified and on the NWL. 150 candidates etc and appointments will be made between March 1 and May 1." Less than a week later, the next Thursday he got his appointment.
If your Congressperson did not do a PNOM, is their entire slate put on NWL? my understanding is that once qualified, everyone goes on NWL but if you have a PNOM, your tenure there is very brief....does that sound right? So if my DS is just on a slate with no PNOM, then all that are qualified go on NWL and selected based on candidate score?
Although there are no statistics the PNOM in most districts is a unicorn. MOCs can’t afford the political fallout of selecting individuals that weren’t pre-vetted by a community or selected by an academy according to the academy’s selection criteria. Yes, they exist but they are few and far between.