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    Ok my DS is now headed to plan B. He did not receive the NROTC scholarship he wanted and will now, unless some other scholarship opens up, he will attend a college without NROTC. However this school does offer AROTC. Would taking AROTC classes help his chances later to either get into Navy OCS or help him get through Navy OCS if gets in? His planned major is EE.

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    IMPO the answer is yes. The cadre and the buddies in his unit will be looking out for him. He'll learn leadership skills and time management (through necessity if nothing else). He'll need to learn to focus and it can help keep him out of "trouble" in college. The downside is he won't be picking up Navy specific skills/knowledge and it will place quite a demand on his time. He would definitely learn a lot though that is applicable to both services. Note that, as I recall, he could only do this his first two years without being required to contract with the army.

    If your DS is interested in the Marine Option he should take a look at the Platoon Leaders Course during which he would do 6 weeks tours for two summers at Quantico while getting paid for it (about $2700 each summer). He could also apply for FAP (a monthly stipend of $350 while he is in school) as well as MCTAP (a tuition assistance program providing providing $5,000 in tuition assistance for up to three years). Participating in each program extends your term of service. If your DS pursues this then it would make more sense to do AROTC his freshman and sophmore years and then drop it. He could do PLC over rising junior and senior summers. Doing AROTC in this case would help get him physically and mentally ready for PLC.

    Hope this helps... and keep in mind all this is just MHO.
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    NUPOC Program for undergraduates

    Noting DS' planned major is EE, and his Navy OCS plan, if he is at all interested in the Nuclear Submarine Officer program, or the other Nuclear Power officer career options, please see the link below for the NUPOC (Nuclear Power Officer Candidate) undergraduate program. The Navy has many undergraduate scholarship programs offering some dollars for eventually getting a desired degree at a civilian institution and committing to a commission in a certain area. The NUPOC program has been around for many years, and they are guaranteed a slot at OCS if all other requirements are met - physical, academic, background, etc.

    This link has the NUPOC, as well as other Navy Officer undergraduate OC programs, including CEC (Civil Engineering Corps).

    Assume you have looked into any schools in the area that offer NROTC, and your DS could apply and become a commuter to those classes while still attending his planned school? Most NROTC units have midshipmen not just from the parent school, but from other colleges in the area.

    Ditto IMPO, taking AROTC wouldn't hurt, but I think it would be equally significant to rack up stellar engineering grades and overall GPA, keep the conduct slate clean and maintain physical fitness. He could also get excited about going Army!
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    Your son could definatly participate in AROTC, while not the Navy he would be in a military environment and particpate in PT which would keep him in shape.

    However, Kinnem is correct, your son would only be able to participate in the first 2 years of AROTC. AROTC cadets contract their junior year, now there may be a chance the PMS would allow your son to continue on without a contract, he would be able to still sign up for the PT classes no matter what. Who knows...he might even decide to switch sides.

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