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    This is a magic trick going on in DC

    The trick is called misdirection

    If a bill you were trying to get a bill passed we will call the bill (health-care) and this bill met with a great deal of public disapproval how would you slip it past the disapproving public.
    now follow this next part closely:
    To get this bill (obamacare) past the people their attention must be diverted elsewhere. To do this, start with questioning the need to keep an earlier promise made (to support the country and people of Afghanistan) next justify it(still reviewing the policy) assign an expert to review policy and recommend changes(Gen McChrystal) all of this is just the ground work for the misdirection. next is having some people(Biden and Hil) question the judgment of the expert.
    The public will start to take notice now. The experts report will remain a secret between the expert and yourself but unfortunately someone else finds out about it(Woodward NY Times) this starts rumors in the press that you may no longer trust your expert or the company he works for(Military)on matters regarding Afghanistan. The important thing to keep in mind is as long as no decision is made about Afghanistan the misdirection can continue. when played out properly many conversations and discussions will be held about Afghanistan. News will cover taliban threat, opium production and U.S. body counts. your health-care bill can slip right through without notice.

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