PLC Law after NROTC


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Hi all
made a throwaway account for this post because I don't want it tied to me. I was a 4 year Marine contract attending an SMC as part of the class of 2023. I was having a rough week, and after speaking to my chaplain I was sent to the university counseling service for what I thought was a simple check-in. They ended up deciding that I was a suicide risk (which was completely untrue), and decided that the Corps of Cadets program was harming my mental health and that I had to leave. I was given no say in this, and the paperwork was filled out before I even fully understood what was happening. This meant that I had to give up my contract, since being in the Corps is mandatory for staying in the program. My MOI has my back, and is offering to help me get a PLC contract. I am pre-law, so I was hoping to go to in as a PLC Law contract. Does anyone know if I will have to explain the details of why I left the NROTC program? I don't want an incorrect determination by a student psychologist to affect my ability to commission. Also, does anyone know if it is possible to do PLC Juniors and Seniors instead of PLC combined for the law program? I have heard that it is generally a better option to do two 6 week sessions instead of one 10 week session but I am unaware if Law contracts have that option. Thanks in advance.