Pleasant surprise in Alabama


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Jan 2, 2008
DS checked his CIS today and it showed a nomination (dated Jan 31) from Senator (2) from Alabama. He was shocked. He had received a letter from Senator (1) politely telling him that since he already had a nom from his Rep., he would not receive a second nom. He applied to both senators, but never interviewed with either of them. He has not received any letter, call etc. notifying him of the nomination from Senator (2). Is this usual?
Our Senators and congressman just sent a letter for the noms., I think what you might be confusing this with is getting a call for an appt.
I guess I wasn't clear in my question. Is it usual to receive a nom without having interviewed with a MOC and is it also usual to find out about the nom solely by accident (by checking CIS)?

DS got a wonderful letter and call from our Rep when he received 1st nom back in December. He got a nice letter from Senator 1 telling him why he wouldn't receive his nom (he doesn't "double up"). Found second nom totally by accident when checking his CIS.

I know every MOC does things differently. We were happy and surprised to see a second nom that we were not expecting.:wink:
This is all speculation from personal and anecdotal experience:

Yes this is possible. Some MOC's do not interview - they have a committee who reviews the applications and award nominations from the applications.

Some MOC's do not notify candidates. I have heard this more often when they do not get a nomination but I suppose perhaps they feel that notifying the academies fulfills their obligations. Or maybe the letter was misdirected.
IN 2006 my daughter interviewed with two US Senators, she did not get a nomination from either. From one she got a nice rejection letter the other did not notify at all- but then he had lost the election.

Many US Representative's will make a personal call (ours did) or at least send a letter - remember though they are much closer to their constituents than US Senators are.

My son is also from Alabama and a candidate at USNA. He had the same thing happen with letter from congressman and one senator saying they wouldn't nominate him because he already had a nomination. (His first nomination was from another category.) Surprisingly there is a second nomination from either congressman or senator on the usna website without any notification. USNA CIS reads, Congress/Senator 2, AL. Date posted, January 31. Son has not called to find out where it came from. He is just happy that it is there.
That is exactly what my son's CIS says as well. He is of the opinion that it is from Sen. Sessions.

We must be in the same district and we also assumed it was Sessions. I have sent you a personal e-mail. Good to know there is another Alabama Mother going through this whole process. Fun, huh?? :shake: :bang:
Check your Senator's website under press releases. At least here in Idaho both Senators and Congressmen put out a press release listing everyone by name and school or town that they have nominated.

Checked under press releases and there is nothing regarding nominations. Still a mystery.

Received letter from Senator Sessions today stating that ds received a nomination from him to USNA. Letter dated January 31, 2008.
Congratulations to your son, jp@89! :yay: :yay: And to yours, too, usnahopefulmom2012!! :yay: :yay:
NC has not released their list yet(Sen Dole has her reception on Sat. so you actually will meet the other noms) I know Sen Clinton has released her list.

Most important thing to remember as others start saying they got an appt., the slate can not go up until everyone has submitted their paperwork. I know from CC for AFA, there is a candidate who has 3 noms and has not done their CFA, so some appts will not go out until everyone has all of their paperwork in.

Good luck to all!