Plebe Parent Weekend Experience

Wondering when you all were going to show back up. Why don't you start?
:eek: Nursey! Do tell! Way to leave us hanging there.:biggrin:

Had to spend time touring before he was released to us. My husband has a fondness for the towing tanks and the wind tunnels. Took us FOREVER to get him away from those!

When I first saw him, he had to stop me from climbing over the stone fence to get to him. He came around and let me hang on his neck. He even hugged his brother :eek: ! Hugged his dad:thumb: ! He gained back the weight he lost, but gained not one ounce more! He is having growing pains. A little warm on Friday, but not too bad. My husband's face was bathed in sweat, poor baby!

We went to his room; all squared away! Socks were smiling; all of them! Fed him till I thought he would bust. Met his friends and liked them all. He chose good roomies. I moved one book 1/2" out of place in his room and was reprimanded. Hmmmm. It was moved back into its proper position. Excuse me.:biggrin:

Showed us around the yard. Husband lagged, looking at everything. Was reminded to move with purpose, boy only had so much time to spend. :yllol: Then, all he wanted to do was go to our hotel room, watch TV, talk to friends, play on the computer, take a 10 minute shower (longest one he's had in a long time), lounge on the bed, and regale us with stories.

Saw the parade the next day. They all did so well. There were mistakes, but I didn't notice. I was just so proud of all of these young people! It was VERY cool, temp wise. I had to wrestle the sweat shirt off of my youngest. No, not really, but he finally did offer it up. I used it! Celebrated his birthday, went to the movies, went out to eat some more (I think that's what we did most of the time). Bought his printer, paper, cables, etc. Took us sailing in the Severn! Fun! Lots of jelly fish, however, throughout the docks. Ouch! They were the healthy size, too!

Sunday was church and he was a very active participant there. The choir was amazing and the young man who did the solo made the hair stand up on my arms. His voice is so beautiful! What talent they have! One lady sitting in front of us asked us if they had fed our plebe (he's really thin, anyway). We laughed, I gulped, and asked if he was getting enough food. He assured me he was. I still wonder. We got to spend a little time with him, then we had to get ready to fly back. I didn't do so well returning him to Step Mother B (I'm the Mom!!). I started sniffling. We returned the rental car, then I started crying on the shuttle. One of the firstie moms was there and was VERY understanding and told my husband to quit rolling his eyes! Whoo Hoo! I love the mommy back up! I finally quit sniveling when we hit Phoenix.

They did such a great job with PPW! I am so thankful I got to see him and that he really did survive without me, flourished even. He's a young man, adult, and I know he's going to be okay.

I know I'll remember more stuff as time goes by, but I'll add it!
Ooooo.. I had forgotten about a kid's joy in a loooong 10 minute shower. That part brought a smile to my face. Wish the weather hadn't been so dog days. So miserable to be so hot. I'll bet going into that squared away room was a shocker! :shake: What wonderful memories you have with so many more good ones to come. No more cryin'! Your wasting all that good water cause we're in a drought. Congrats on that kiddo. Pretty cool that he hugged his brother. :thumb:
No. No more crying' and whinin'! I think w/the e-mail and cell phone calls, it's much better. Plus, the hub isn't rolling his eyes anymore. Well, at least no one can see him when he does! :shake:

Any other 'rent stories from PPW?
Funny about the showers. I am glad I didn't have to pay the water bill. My daughter thought that taking a long shower was the greatest. Three of her friends from school came down on the train for their great adventure before leaving for various universities for freshman year. They all had a great time in town and loved being with a "celebrity" in uniform.

They got there Summer Whites for the baseball game before we arrived. It was funny to hear my daughter tell her friends that after they ditched the BCG's and formed up in Summer Whites the first comments were "Who is this guy and where has he been for the last six weeks?". I assume that the male Plebes had the same reaction.

Upon advice from an upperclass mom my wife made reservations on Friday afternoon for a full SPA treatment. My daughter got the full works and thought that she was actually human again. I would highly reccomend that procedure for anyone finishing Plebe Summer next year. Maybe not the guys.

Bottom line is; she loves it. As someone has stated before on this site. If you get in shape before Plebe Summer, have a sense of humor and understand that everyone you are interacting with did the same thing you are doing now you will make it.
Glad you parents had a good time. PPW was a busy time for us. BTW, I don't suppose that any of you parents have any pictures of 1/C from the formations and the parade? My parents would love to have some pics of me. I was on one of the staffs (the 1/C marching in the triangles (or wedges as we call them). Just PM me if you want details. Thanks!