Plebe Spirit Video

Raw, dark humor drawn from the “this place sucks” treasury of how the grindstone wears mids and cadets down at SAs. The salty language doesn’t surprise me. It IS awful, and I bet the mids all howled with laughter coming from the bonds of shared experience when they saw it.

You could change the text, sub in a rough deployment, combat operations in faraway, hot, dusty, stinking places - and military humor will somehow get made.

This humor reminds me of one of my college roommates, an MD, whose husband is an ER Director at a major hospital. Their jokes were the most awful things about body parts and blood, yet it allowed them to keep perspective and create bonds among those who see the worst and messiest of human conditions.

This clip has been in a USNA spirit video too, I think, different “translation.”


And many more.

All these bright minds will find the energy to lampoon the craziness in their SA lives.
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I've seen this clip before, but for some other disgruntled members of our society. When things really suck, the only thing you can do is laugh it off. I'm sure all of the mids got in one good laugh before getting back to the grind.