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Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by themutis, Jul 2, 2010.

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    Does anyone know if the info on the Central Florida site is still correct regarding plebe summer - just wondering if this will be another stressful time for the plebes....

    Plebe Summer Detailers (the upperclassmen who are in charge of training the Plebes) work in 3 week blocks (the summer is divided into 4 blocks of time, your Mid will spend two of them in some kind of professional training). At the end of the first three weeks, not only will your Plebe get a whole new training staff, they will also change roommates.
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    correct, it teaches us to be adaptable which is one of the attributes
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    I don't know about the changing roommates part of it. I've never heard of that happening during Plebe Summer unless someone loses his/her only roommate due to attrition. But things may well have changed . . .

    It is true that detailers change mid-summer. It's a good thing for both sides. Being a detailer is hard work and the 1/C tend to burn out after about 3-4 weeks -- right when the changeover occurs. For the plebes, they get to experience a different style of leadership (everyone's style is somewhat different) and a plebe who's done very well or very poorly under the first set of detailers has a chance to start over with new people.

    It's basically a shortened form of what happens in the "real" Navy, when COs, XOs, and department heads change with regularity.

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