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    Do the plebes play sports they were recruited in or have been asked to try to walk on in? I know some have played soccer, done gymnastices, and all, know most of the upperclassmen won't be back until plebe summer ends, so is that when sports begin in earnest or will walk on decisions be made before then? thanks
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    It varies. Plebes who are recruited to play a sport will sign up for that respective sport. Most teams allow other plebes who are interested in trying to walk on to a team to come out and play during plebe summer. It usually gives a team enough players between the plebes, teammates who are attending summer school, and detailers to get a game going depending on the sport. The plebes are so tired, their bodies are pretty beaten down, and their focus is on making it through, these are not the greatest games of their lives so it is hard for a coach to make a decision on the future of a player during this time period. It is actually a nice break from the yelling and a chance to get to know your future teammates and coaches. Every coach has their own way of dealing with walk ons, setting rosters, etc. Walk on decisions are made at different times and done differently for every team. Sports that start in the fall will make decisions on walk ons very quickly, but it also depends if a JV team is a part of the program (like football does). Some of the other sports that are later in the year may let a Midshipmen work out with a team until the start of the NCAA regulated practice season and then conduct a try out period. It varies for every sport.

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