Plebe Summer/Year


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Oct 20, 2006
Does anyone have any advice on how to prepare for the plebe summer and year? In particular, do you have any suggestions of a good workout routine to help condition for the plebe summer? Furthermore, what subjects should I brush up on before the academic year? Thanks.
Before we answer, a question for you. Are you in HS or already in college?
A part of the acceptance package is a recommended workout regime. For academics, I would say enjoy your senior year in high school and don't worry about it. If you need to cram for validations, you probably shouldn't validate them in the first place.
I am in high school. I do well in school, but am wondering what the most challenging part of the academic workload will be so that I can best prepare myself. Thanks.
Just keep working hard. Don't worry about the AC year yet...get through the summer first.

That being said, you will take validation tests during the summer. I didn't find them very hard at all, and ended up validating Calc 1, Chem 1, and a year of German. I later validated Naval History with my UW transcript.

I would suggest placing physical conditioning as your top priority. Not only to help with the PEP and stuff over the summer, but if you're in good shape, the lack of sleep and constant activity won't wear you down as much. The Plebe Hack gets everyone...don't even try to avoid it. I got it the second week of the summer and had it until the second week of the AC year. Needless to say, it sucked, but I didn't let it affect me a whole lot.

Best way to prepare yourself? Enjoy your last months/weeks/days/hours/SECONDS of being a civilian...with a car..and jeans. Live it up.
You've got your answers, from grads and from Mids. Can't beat that. :smile: