Plebe Year


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Feb 18, 2008
From reading many posts, I understand Plebe Year will not be the best year, and definately rises on the suck level. Even though I see many things Plebes CAN'T do, my question is, what CAN they do? There has to be some free time given, and when there is, what can/do plebes do with the time to get away from the stress?
If you're not being recruited for a sport, FIND ONE. You have to have sport anyhow so do one you like. Join a club. Those are the things that will make life sane. Yep. Its gonna be pretty bad at first. Free time? <insert Pirate laugh here> You'll be told when to eat, sleep, brush your teeth, 10 second shower & to write home. But you & your mates will earn some privileges as you go along. You'll find out how special it is to be able to just have the chance to call out for a pizza.

Hope you like to run. Its a chance to get out & clear your head. The first actual live "real" fun you'll probably have is when they take you guys all out to see the Mets play. That'll be sometime in August. Your first true liberty will be on Parents' Week-end. Thats the absolute best after coming through Indoc & those first classes.

P.S. Plebes WILL find a way to have fun. I have photos of Ninjas to prove it. :biggrin: