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Feb 11, 2007
Son is wrestling w/ USNA paperwork on his own, so I was thrilled when he asked me a question. Problem is, I'm having trouble w/ an answer that's meaningful to a 19 yr old.

"Why would I want to pay now for a lifetime membership in the Alumni Assn?" Also, "Can this be right - ' 99% of midshipmen have taken advantage of this opportunity'?"

He's very careful w/ a dollar and tries to be financially self-sufficient, so he's mostly thinking about the pay deductions in years 2, 3, and 4. Adults know why this is a great idea, but ... anybody got suggestions? Thanks.
Great Idea

Mom, why not pay it and give him a lifetime gift.
Excellent question, and I'd do it if I could, but it's set up as automatic deduction from pay during years 2, 3, and 4. And if you've seen plebe paperwork lately ... it's not designed for a lot of options.
Tell him he will never miss the money. As much as he thinks he will be making a great salary when he graduates - he will be glad he won't be paying alumni dues. They will be paid and he can spend his money on fun stuff. :thumb:
Beginning with the Class of 1995 through Class of 2006, here are the percentages of the class that are lifetime members: 98%, 98% , 99%, 99%, 91%, 96%, 95%, 97%, 96%, 92%, 98%, 98%. So 99% may be a percentage point or so on the optomisitc side, but close. These percentages are relatively constant back to 1979 or so when they initiated the program. Prior to that, class membership is around 50%. My class is 47%.

The Association is your voice, as an alumni, to the Academy. They will represent your issues to management and the Board of Directors.

The Federal Government owes you an education. The quality-of-life issues, intercollegiate athletics, and extra curricular fundings are heavily influenced by alumni and parent donations through the Alumni Association.

It is the administrator of all gifted funds for the Academy. With almost 200 million in assets and an annual budget approaching 50 million, going primarily to athletic programs and facilities and the Foundation. Almost 100 midshipmen enter the Academy annually due to the Alumni Association Foundation. The next time you are in Alumni Hall or Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium, thank the Alumni Association. Our Class, via the Alumni Association, is in the middle of a fund raiser to renovate the Chapel.

The Alumni Association is your guarantee that the Academy is there for future generations just as it was there for you. It is funny money now. An allotment that you will never see. And a lot cheaper than it will be the day after you graduate. You owe it to the Academy. Join now.

And Shipmate is the only piece of mail which I receive that I routinely read between the mail box and the house.
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I'd ask the same question, especially when he's not yet an alum. Perhaps appointment and then reporting automatically confers alumni status?

USNA69 said:
It is funny money now. An allotment that you will never see. And a lot cheaper than it will be the day after you graduate.

The offer made to Midshipmen is substantially cheaper, around 50%, I think, than joining immediately after graduation. It is now just another of the many deductions that is made from one's monthly paycheck, at a time when the individual can well afford the small monthly deduction. USNA is unlike AFA and WP in that we have an alumni assn instead of an association of graduates, as they do.
Thanks for all this good info. As I began my brief, 19-yr-old-oriented argument, I got, "Don't worry about it, Mom. I already signed up."

And yes, there is a significant savings to joining now as a "lifetime" member. Didn't get to that, either.