PMS vs ROO interview for National AROTC scholarship

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by rotcmom3, Sep 8, 2015.

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    My son arranged his interview at a nearby college. It is a senior military school- so shouldn't they know what to do? When my son showed me the email chain, the title of the interviewer is a ROO, not a PMS. Here is some background....we retrieved the list of suggested PMS folks to get an interview with from the application website. My son emailed one, and got this guy instead because the name he had been given was no longer at this school. They have been emailing back and forth and it is all set up. Now I am nervous. The interview is coming up quickly. I just had my son email him to clarify that this was an interview for a national scholarship. As further clarification, this is not a school on my son's list, and that has already been discussed and addressed. Help!
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    Some PMSs are going to delegate. I would imagine most board members aren't going to ding the applicant. Just reinforces my theory that you are just one of many if you interview at an SMC. Remember that the interview is mostly a numbers game. You should be able to verify how many of the 120 points you are going to get on the front side of the interview form, so it's just a matter of getting as many of the 60 points on the back (the more subjective part of the interview).
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    Two years ago my son interviewed with the ROO at his #1 choice. He never saw the PMS. He ended up getting a scholarship and attends a different school than the one he interviewed at.
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    I don't think I would judge a PMS on their knowledge of how the ROTC systems work. That's for the staff to handle. I would judge a PMS on their experience in the military and what kind of contribution they can make to my kids education. I'm confident that at an SMC many interviews are delegated, if only because of the large number of applicants. These are all professionals and they know what the military is looking for. All will be fair.
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