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Discussion in 'Military Academy - USMA' started by br1ankim24, Apr 6, 2011.

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    My school does not have a JROTC program, which is a big bummer :thumbdown:

    I was wondering if enrolling in an alternative program such as the police explorer program would do any good for experience & extracirriculuars?
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    It's definitely a good thing. I put my Police Explorer experience down and it helped as far as extracurriculars go.

    Either way though, I would recommend doing programs that interest you. The programs you do don't really matter so much as doing something productive with your free time. So if you're interested in law enforcement, be a police explorer. If you're not, don't. Find programs that interest you. Also, learning for life has other Explorers than just police.

    You live in Cypress, I'm from Cerritos. If you go for an Explorer program go with LASD. If that isn't practical for you, then go with OCSD. While I'm sure Cypress PD has a great program, it's not anywhere near as big as OCSD or LASD (both programs have 500+ Explorers. LASD graduates about 150 every 6 months).

    I'm biased towards LASD because I was an Explorer there and was a staff instructor at their academy (almost all the staff who currently teach at the academy were my recruits at some point). I don't know exactly where you live (and don't want to know), but if you live close to Hawaiian Gardens then I definitely recommend Lakewood station.

    PM me if you want more info. I can get you in contact with the people there (It was my old station).

    If Lakewood isn't practical (due to distance) then I guess Cerritos station is alright too, I could help you with them also.

    If you feel law enforcement isn't your thing, then try to find something else that you're interested in and passionate about. I think it looks better to show commitment, excellence and dedication in one area or program than to stack up a bunch of programs and only be partially committed to them for resume building.

    Either way, hope that helps.
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    As mentioned above, Police Explorers is a good thing, but if you want a more military experience, look at Civil Air Patrol (CAP): www.gocivilairpatrol.com. It has units all over the United States, and provides leadership opportunities that USMA looks favorably upon. PM me if you have any specific questions about CAP that the website doesn't cover.

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