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Nov 13, 2008
I am having a lot of trouble getting this darn thing filled out. It states that I need to have it completed at every jurisdiction that I fall under, but none of the agencies are willing to cooperate. I went to the school police--they told me to go to the city police. I went to the city police--they told me to go to the state police. I went to the state police--they told me to go back to the city police again!

I don't understand why everyone is giving me so much hastle over such minor issue. They only need to check the computer for any criminal records or traffic violations, draw a few check marks, and sign the paper. Why are they being such bureaucrats?
March back into city police, put your foot down, and show em who's boss!!!
My Mid was unable to get the Police record check. Call your regional director and they will advise you how to proceed.
I'm not sure where all of you are, but I just walked into the Fort Collins (CO) Police Services, and told them I need that sheet filled out. The records lady filled everything out, I signed it, and she said she'd have it mailed out in the morning. They shouldn't be giving you difficulties.
God Bless America! Every State is different, with privacy rights being an issue or Non-issue. Thanks to all for posting.
Asking "Why it is so hard..." will require a different response to each State, and within each State, each county, town, parish, etc.
More useful info might be, for those who found difficulties, how they overcame the problem. If you don't have problems, saying "It's EASY..." doesn't add to the knowledge pool. Doesn't mean you can't post, but as a new BGO, I'll eagerly read the info for those who improvised, overcame, adapted...
Unfortunately, the how we over came the situation was stated to my son. Since it deals with some very specific instructions, based on our state and county I do not feel I should post. My best suggestion: When we were at the County Police Office (we live in an unincorporated area of a county) and they would not fill out the paperwork due to some privacy issues and issues with the USNA form my son called Admissions from the station. He was informed at that time how to proceed. He followed their directions and all was good.
I appreciate you holding back on the many detailed, unique-to-you-steps.

My question...

Is it true you called the ACADEMY from the police station, and they gave you one set of instructions that satisfied the requirement, or are you now on another path?

Did you get to fix it there?

If so, it might be logical that having the Academy phone number in hand might be a great step to one-stop-police-shopping, and why this FORUM is about the most useful place for all things Service Academy Related.

Thanks for a great response!
It was fixed at that time and place. No further steps were taken.

This was spring of 2006. He is a second class mid.
I have one more question--is a police record check the same as a police background check?

I live in Pennsylvania by the way.

Thanks for all the input!
Oh. So you're near Philly. Got it. :thumb:

I've been longing to relocate to somewhere in the DWG. Sigh.... :frown:
Latest Information from the BGO Information System (BGIS)

This is a direct cut and paste:

If you have a candidate who is unable to obtain a police record check because the available precincts refuse to conduct one, they need to submit a signed statement explaining that they do not have a police record and that the precinct would not conduct the check. Also, a statement from the precinct explaining that they will not conduct the police record check would be preferable.
On the bottom of the form, it says something very similar:
"Some law enforcement offices have policies prohibiting the release of arrest or conviction records, even at your request. In these cases, ask the law enforcement office to provide a statement of this policy in lieu of the Police Record Check"

The police's comment on that was: "we have nothing to do with this."

I contacted my regional director, and she told me to wait for further instructions. I guess I am missing something here.
I think I'll just go ahead and do a full background check. The application is sent to Harrisburg, and it takes a week to process.

Such a waste of time and money, but if that's the only way, so be it.
Oh. So you're near Philly. Got it. :thumb:

I've been longing to relocate to somewhere in the DWG. Sigh.... :frown:

PA is the best, hands down. Willing to provide arguments to that end! No good knowledge of the DWG area though...sadly.