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    The portal for my DS is still not showing receipt of transcripts, test scores, etc. He contacted admissions a few months ago and they said they were having issues with the portal and verified what they did and did not have from him. Today he received what I believe is a LOA (appointment contingent upon nomination, passing DoDMERB and the CFA, and continued excellence in school). However, he does have a nomination and has passed the DoDMERB physical. He just has to take the CFA. His portal still shows nothing received. Anyone else have this issue? On a side note, for anyone applying in future years, if you live in the northeast, don’t put off the CFA until winter. You never know when your school’s outdoor track will be free of snow!
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    My DS's LOA listed out all the items you mentioned even though he already had them completed. I think it's just their standard letter. Congrats on the LOA! USMMA will put in a request to DODMERB for him to be qualified for their Academy. They follow the same standards as Navy. Keep your eye on the DODMERB website, and it will update with a new Status Letter that shows qualified for them as well. After that, it will show in the USMMA portal. The website seems to be in transition. For example, when my DS applied in late summer, nothing could be uploaded to the website. Now, you can do some of the submissions online. Just stay on top of it through contact with your Admissions Counselor. They are super helpful.
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    My DS was the same LOA letter and the only thing he was missing at the time was 7th semester transcripts and nomination.
    Transcripts were hand delivered Tuesday and apparently uploaded to "misc documents" file. Nom came Thursday.
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