Possible Chances?


Oct 1, 2017
I apologize if there's another thread out there regarding this topic, but my situation is very unique. I graduated from NAPS in 2018 with a GPA over 3.0, and am currently enrolled at West Virginia University. Yes I turned down my appointment from USNA to reapply to West Point. I also competed for a 4 year ROTC scholarship and actually earned a 4 year instead of 3 year.

I have completed my WP application, only now I am updating my CFA and school activities. I am also a reapplicant from 2017. Currently, I should finish this semester with a 3.8 and am enrolled in the engineering college. I am an active member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers and the American Association of Drilling Engineers. I am also a member of the powerlifting club (D1) and will be taking the platform for the first time in December. To fully seal the deal on academics, I am pursuing undergrad research in Petroleum Geology. My ACT wasn't stellar with a 26 composite and 25 in science/23 in math.

While at NAPS I earned an A in calc 1 and have an A in math now. My question is: is it "necessary" to retake the ACT if my college grades in these same subjects are outstanding? Also, if I were to set a state record within powerlifting next March, how much weight would this carry?

Extra background info: typical high school record of 4.2 CUML GPA, tiny high school, passed three AP tests, high school track, eagle scout, from an under represented area of West Virginia (D-3), and numerous leadership positions within JROTC and the Boy Scouts.


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Oct 21, 2010
It's never necessary to retake the ACT if you are willing to live with the scores you have. Outstanding college grades may make up for the ACT scores you currently have.

I'll tell you how I make many decisions in life, that is, if I'm making an error, which way do I want to err? In your shoes I would err towards retaking the ACT. I would also try the SAT, if you haven't taken it, as some folks do better on one than the other. You don't have anything to lose by retaking except some time and energy. I'd do some practice tests first, perhaps online at Khan Academy, just to get used to them again.

Just one man's 2 cents. YMMV.