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    I was just wondering if it possible to apply to both NROTC and Marine ROTC. I ask this because on the first or 2nd page of the NROTC online application it asks if you want to pursue Navy, Medical/Nursing, or Marines. I would like to apply to both if possible. Thanks for any and all input!
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    No. You may only apply to one.

    There are a few ways to decide which one to apply to.
    1. Decide what it is you really want to do while you're on Active Duty. [This is the approach I recommend]
    2. Decide how hard you want to PT. If you want to be a PT Stud, go Marines. Neck size 17, hat size 2. If you don't like to PT as hard go Navy.
    3. If you're in it for the scholarship money, there are far more Navy scholarships than Marine scholarships.
    4. If you don't want a STEM major go Marines. Marines don't care what your major is. Navy wants 85% STEM majors.

    There is not really too much difference between the two while you're in college. Summer training is different after rising Sophomore year. Marines do OCS rising Senior summer. Some weekend field training might be different depending on the unit. The PT demands will be more stringent and difficult for Marines. Regardless of major, Navy Options must take two semesters of calculus and calculus based physics. They also have more required Naval Science courses in Navigation etc.

    Hope this helps. BTW - you better get on it. You should have had this backup plan in place months ago. You only have one Marine Option Board remaining and you've already missed more than half of the Navy Option boards. Hoping the Academy comes through for you, giving you more time to decide.
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