possibly coast guard academy


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Apr 26, 2008

My names Corey, from northern new york, im a junior, seriously considering the coast guard academy or possibly one of the other academies.

really glad i found these forums because after just looking around for afew minutes alot of my questions have already been answered
Did you apply to AIM or one of the other academie's summer programs?

Even if you didn't, you should make every effort to visit the academies that interest you the most.
i didnt apply to aim, i am a very competative ski racer and my season ended the first weekend of april and now im starting to look at all of my college options and the coast guard came up, it had always atracted me but I had never really considered it until a couple weeks ago. i am working to plan visits but its pretty confusing with all thats going on but we'll definetly by making it down there sometime soon
I would recommend visiting in the spring. The weather is great in the area, the cadets are still at the school and there isn't as much yelling to scare you off or distract you while you look. Drill season should have started by spring.

If not then, then early fall. If you're in Upstate, New London can't be THAT far either.

Good luck, and welcome aboard.