Post Commissioning awaiting BOLC questions


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Oct 9, 2015
What are newly commissioned 2LTs opportunities while waiting for BOLC dates? We are aware of Gold Bar Recruiter and Cadet Summer Camp Cadre positions. Are there any other official options through Cadet Command for internships or training? Know most recents graduates move home and work a temp job but that’s not a viable option for him.

Background: DS is on track to graduate and commission AD this Spring and they’ve been told to expect at least 6-8 month wait for BOLC courses dates due to course extensions to compensate for their cohort missing Summer training last summer.

Here is the challenge...Our family is currently stationed overseas - dad is AD and deploying for a year this summer. We would love to have him stay with us in Europe while dad is in the Middle East and maybe train with one of the units at this installation (post grad CTLT??) or do an internship with the ASCC HQ here. We’ve seen very little of him being in college back in the States and COVID limiting travel. His presence would also be very helpful with dad gone.

He’ll have his cadet CAC card but wouldn’t be considered command sponsored any more since he’s graduated so he’d be limited to a 90 day tourist visa (He wouldn’t have SOFA status) This would seriously limit his ability to qualify for a job on post. Need to find a way to have him be here “officially”. Other option might be to convince him to enroll in an online graduate school so that he can remain a dependent until age 23.

He doesn’t really have any other good options for living arrangements or a logical place to go during the wait as we don’t have a home in the US (he’s grown up moving every 2-3 yrs) and I don’t think he could handle staying with grandparents for more than a short visit.

Job at px. Should get him a id card.
Inquire with the garrison command.
There are liability issues with “ctlt” as he isnt covered by tricare until he starts movement to BOLC.
Unfortunately PX and most other jobs require you to either be a LN or be command sponsored dependent or already a DoD employee of some sort. Hiring preferences are a bit different here. Doesn’t Tricare 708 coverage begin at commissioning?
Ask Garrison. There are many people hired overseas that arent command sponsored, they get hired and then are allowed to stay/move over seas. girlfriends do it all the time (early 2000’s Germany)