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    We understand that the reassignment of RADM Greene is a sensitive and, apparently, divisive issue for the KP community. We have therefore tried to allow legitimate debate and discussion to continue.

    However, this site exists to support the military and the SAs and, by extension, their leadership. That does not mean we -- or you -- necessarily agree with every action or decision taken. Nonetheless, we respect those decisions and the individuals who take them as our elected or appointed civilian/military leaders.

    As a result, we cannot allow this site to be used in attempts to organize support for or against such decisions. It is certainly your right to do what you believe best but not to use this site/forum to solicit individuals to your cause.

    In that regard, posts that encourage others to write letters or emails, make calls, etc. to support or oppose the decision will not be permitted.
    Threads or posts trying to enlist such support will be deleted.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the moderation team.
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