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    Hello all!

    Just have a question... or two... or three about being admitted to the prep school. I have already submitted the AF Form 1786 (I'm an enlisted airman) and been deemed a "candidate" on my status page (about 2 weeks ago). On the 1786, I opted to apply for the prep school over a direct appointment.

    First question: Considering the history of the prep school, are airman looked at "first" for admission?

    Second question: My SAT scores are above the qualifying guidelines for the Prep School (according to the LEAD handbook), however I want to retake the SAT. If I were to take it again on January 26th, do you think they'd make it to the Academy in time?

    Third question (possibly unanswerable): When are airman usually notified if they received an appointment? Also, when does the board meet for the prep school?

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    1. From what I've seen Airmen are just mixed in, unless someone from the Admissions Panel is on this site and has insight on the knowledge, I would just go with that.
    2. Our application doesn't have to be completed till 1st of March (for Prep School), so they might make it.
    3. For Airmen, from the looks of last years entrances, it seems they were notified from March-May, even some in June. It all depends on how solid your package is. And the board doesn't meet till after all Direct Entry slots are filled if Im correct.
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    With a username like House Mouse, I was hoping you'd be enlisted.

    Anyways, the Prep School starts w/ about 250 students, roughly 20% of them being prior-E. It was my understanding that there would be a guaranteed 50 slots given to individuals coming from the enlisted force.

    As far as the SATs go, I'd submit your package with your current scores and if you end up taking the SAT again, the AFA should superscore your results (meaning they take the highest score for each section regardless of when you took the test) *Please, correct me if I'm wrong.

    I was notified of my prep appointment around mid April last year, pretty late in the game, so make plans accordingly.

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