Prepping for the CFA (and other things) for class of 2022


Aug 16, 2016
I wanted to start a new thread for those thinking ahead to the USAFA Class of 2022. I found a resource on Amazon that is titled "Service Academy Admissions: An Insider's Guide to Getting Accepted" by Ashley Schmitt. It is basically a workbook to help you to work through all the steps of your application, which begins in force this summer - how to interview, how to write your essays, etc. But what I find most appealing is that the back of the book is devoted to prepping for the CFA with a very doable workout plan to build your numbers on the various parts of the CFA. So what we have done is distill the suggestions in this workbook into a calendar/plan that runs from this spring into the fall months to prepare and improve the CFA test numbers. I highly recommend this book to anybody who is at the same stage as my DS.

In addition, though, I would love to hear additional suggestions regarding CFA prep. Although we are making good progress on the pullups, situps, pushups, and mile run, improving the BASKETBALL THROW and the SHUTTLE RUN continue to largely remain mysteries.

DS is a violin concerto soloist, ranked one of the best in our state, and his main sources of athletic improvement are the varsity tennis team, Civil Air Patrol, and himself. And here I must add that I find it regrettable that Civil Air Patrol has eliminated the shuttle run from its monthly PT regimen (due to injury concerns). We homeschool and live in the country and have a hard time finding a decent ground surface near us to practice the shuttle run. It is very sandy where we live and any outdoor surface here presents traction issues and the constant need to sweep off sand. Sand gets on the soles of the shoes and makes it hard to grip. Can't beat 9.75 seconds yet and can't access a gym floor to practice on. :( Any suggestions for best type of shoe for traction on the shuttle run? Thanks!
There are a few good sites that explain the mechanics behind the basketball throw. My DD practiced this portion of the CFA the most. If you can find pavement to practice the shuttle on that would be beneficial. Sneakers work well on pavement. Also, practice all the events in the order the CFA is administered to get used to the additive effect. It's also good to do core exercises, distance running, and sprints.
For practicing the shuttle run: Is there a local middle school or high school you could call and ask about using the gym? Or perhaps a local gym with a basketball court? Or even a large parking lot with a largely unused section? Just some thoughts. Also for the basketball throw, the motion is very similar to a tennis serve in that you need to engage your core the same way, if that helps.
I found a resource on Amazon that is titled "Service Academy Admissions: An Insider's Guide to Getting Accepted" by Ashley Schmitt.

I am just bumping this post since there have been so many CFA posts lately - I am the OP and recommend highly the book I mentioned here. It contained a very doable CFA prep plan.