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    Good day all:

    I was doing some reading regarding nominations on this link: which provided a wealth of good information regarding the nomination process, categories, etc.

    Now that said, I was somewhat surprised by this statement contained in the article:

    "You may also hear of others getting offers early. Remember, there are other non Congressional service-connected nomination categories. The number for "nomination" to these non-Congressional nominating sources is unlimited. The candidate only needs to qualify to be nominated in that category (eg., Presidential nominations for candidates with active or retired parents, sons/daughters of disabled veterans, sons and daughters of Medal of Honor recipients, Regular Army, Reserves and National Guard, etc).

    If a candidate is in one of these non-Congressional service-connected nomination categories, is qualified for admission, and is within the quota set aside for these categories, they will get offers of admission. These candidates need not even have an LOA, but must be qualified."

    If I read this correctly, if a candidate qualifies for a Presidential Nomination, then they:
    1) Receive Presidential Nomination
    2) If "qualified" they receive an appointment (if quota under this nomination category is not yet filled) offer.

    So, what is "qualified" mean specifically? My understanding would be:

    1) Meet General Qualifications (age, status, etc.)
    2) Meet minimum ACT (or SAT) requirements (21 English, 23 Math for ACT)
    3) Meet minimum DoDMERB medical requirements
    4) Meet minimum High School GPA requirements (Upper 40% of their class)
    5) Meet minimum Candidate Fitness Assessment

    Following this logic, would I conclude then that if a candidate received a Presidential Nomination, met the minimums above, and had their packet reviewed at a board where there were Presidential Appointments available, then they would receive an offer to USMA?

    Conversly, if they did not meet the minimum ACT scores, would the candidate then be given an appointment to Prep School in place of a USMA appointment?

    If this logic is correct, then there is hope for those candidates that are not "rocket scientists" with a 4.0++ GPA and 32++ ACT scores, yet have a good, solid well-rounded background and strong desire to enter and excel at the USMA.

    Many thanks for your help!
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    I think this sentence shows is where it would be limited. I believe that there are only 100 slots reserved for Presidential nominations. So if there are 1000 candidates who apply for, and receive a Presidential nomination, only the top 100 of those will be offered an appointment. Therefore, the 'barely-making-minimums" candidate would be eliminated, and the appointments would go to the higher ranking applicants.

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    Pres noms are not competitive. If you meet the basic requirements, you receive a nom. As Stealth said, only 100 appointments can be slotted to the President. There are many more nominees than there are slots.

    That's why all candidates should apply to all sources of noms -- it gives you more opportunities to obtain an appointment.

    It should be pointed out that those Pres nominees who don't receive a Pres appointment go into a national pool and may still receive an appointment slotted to another source, such as SecNav.

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