Presidential Nomination


Oct 27, 2016
I was wondering if anyone knew if a 'wave' of appointments may be coming to candidates who have only received these as nominations? I have only received this as my nomination and was wanting to know of the typical timeframe of a candidate who only has this this. Thank you!

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Sep 27, 2008
I have no magic wand answer for you, understanding the waiting is tough.
A max of 100 Presidential appointments, no matter how many hundreds of applicants are eligible and go on to become 3Q, may be offered.
There were likely a handful of "no-brainers" with only a Pres nom who were offered appointments back in the fall.
Have you counted the number of Pres noms noted in the 2021 class appointment thread? That might give a rough estimate of Pres noms that might still be in play. Of course, that's where posters believe their nom came from, and that thread represents a small number of a typical 1100-1200 class.
If you aren't offered an appointment based on the Pres nom, you will still hang out on the NWL. USNA can continue to fill out the class from the pool, charging the appointments to a special category.
So, all that - there may be waves and wavelets or a steady stream that dies to a trickle, but no way of knowing how the Pres noms are coming out.

Tend your Plans B-D, keep an eye on your current responsibilities, have some fun while still at the top of your school heap, rack up good kid points with family. A good military skill is learning to compartmentalize things you cannot control, and being present in the here and now.


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Jul 17, 2007
USNA indicates that all applicants will know they status by April 15. Until you hear otherwise, you are still in the running, but continuing with your Plan B is always good advice. USNA also no longer tells applicants if they are 3Q, so that is another variable to consider. None of us work in admissions, so we can't tell you your status just by looking at your resume, even though people continue to request us to do that.

Everyone applying doesn't belong here, so I am not sure you gain any useful information looking at the appointment thread. Where your NOM gets charged could be different from where it was issued and those getting an appointment are not told where it was charged.
Jan 8, 2017
Only the admissions board knows exactly when appointments are made. Appointments are not scheduled for release based on what type of nomination you have. Applicants compete as individuals first and when the nominations run out we compete again for what's available. Waiting is rough but this is out of our control now so just wait for a phone call and/or an email for an appointment offer or non-selection. We are hoping for the former and if we got the latter then off to Plan B. Good luck!