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Feb 5, 2018
My late husband died in 2013, as a result of a service-related illness, he was also a Ret. Col from the Army after 29 years of service. The VA determined his illness was 100% service related. We were told that my son (my late husbands step-son) was eligible for the Presidential Nomination in the event he chose to apply to any of the military academies. Over the weekend, he was preparing for the upcoming nominations (class of 2023), and found that in order to be eligible for the Presidential nomination, he would have had to be adopted by my late husband before he turned 15 years old. Can someone confirm this is accurate?
I recommend the candidate contact calling Admissions directly at the SA of interest. I don’t recall seeing that in various websites, so if that is indeed the policy, it’s in a Service written instruction or regulation. Admissions staff know those backward and forward.

Researching the primary source is always best in cases like this.

Even if he is not eligible, there is the VP, 2 Senators and MOC, depending on whether they coordinate or not.

On, there is a brief mention of step-parents and adopted child under one of the categories.

On, biological or adopted are eligible. It does not mention age.

I am sure USAFA is similar.

If he hasn’t pored over every page, dropdown and link on those pages, now is the time. Then, he is prepared to email or call with his questions and show he has done basic research on his own.
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According to DH who is a grad of USNA and we became familiar with SA admissions with our son. He stated your son would be better off getting congressional nomination and explain his step dads service. They will take his step dads service and sadly passing into account. Honestly a Presidential nomination isn’t much help. Our son had one as did many of his friends. They are all in Nrotc right now. Our condolences to your family.
Honestly a Presidential nomination isn’t much help.

This is simply not true. Every year, there are candidates appointed with only a Presidential nom. And, in some districts, if you're eligible for a Pres nom, MOCs won't give you an MOC nom. Also, the OP's son may qualify for another nom source, which is children of disabled veterans. I fully agree with Capt MJ that, because this is an individualized situation, a call to Admissions is in order.
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Two of my 3 USNA kids were appointed via a Presidential Nom (they hadn't even interviewed for their MOC nom when they were notified of appointment), so of course it helps! APPLY FOR EVERY NOMINATION YOU ARE QUALIFIED FOR!!!
Thanks for the responses to my question. I will be reaching out to the Academies and will also look into children of disabled veterans. I appreciate the advice from each of you.