Princeton Review Strikes Again


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Jun 9, 2006
Clemson University students were rated as the happiest students in the United States, while midshipmen at the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy in Kings Point, N.Y., ranked as the least happy.

The Merchant Marine Academy also ranked 2nd in giving profs low marks, 3rd in "Dorms Like Dungeons" and 3rd in worst food.

Grouchy, salty sailors don't need good food or happiness. All they need is a good eye patch & a hook! Arrrrrrr mateys! Me parrot concurs.
Considering who is doing the rankings and in what categories, I'd say the SA's continue to be the best schools out there. :thumb:
LOL Yup. Pretty much. Hence the pirate jokes. Son will be so mad when he finds out his best buddy at Clemson is having such a good time. :yllol:

I've heard tell that PR polls only Plebes. :rolleyes:
I think the midshipmen take it as an honor to be ranked so low in some of these categories.
^^^ And I find you ain't just kiddin'. ^^^ I just had a phone call & the laughter was all over the hallway about this. Funny how all of them were on the phone to their Moms telling them about it. :rolleyes:

Its a badge of honor so to speak. I told son I think its a conspiracy to get more boodle out of us. I'm not buyin' any of it. There is too much "happy" going on at this very moment from all I just heard. They need to settle down. Classes begin tomorrow. I foresee shaving cream bombs this evening. LOL
Yep. Our son (class 2012) tells us that he did many, many pushups in Indoc for "unnecessary happiness."

Many welcomes to the forum Fix'emFirm (proud KP parent)! Always keep that humor goin'! Those kids get broken funny bones pretty quickly now that classes have started, so we need to retain ours to survive. :thumb: Congrats on having a Plebe Candidate! Hope you found many a good photo to cherish.
Yes, this came up with one of my coworkers...

He was a Kings Point grad...we had some theories...
What is FUN!!!

If fun is defined as Thursday the weekend begins and you do not wake up until Tuesday; then I do not want my son having fun. He is looking forward to working, learning and serving. He thought the week spent getting wet and sandy at USNA Summer Seminar and 5:30 PT was fun. Go Figure