Prior enlisted orders


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Jun 15, 2014
How long did it take to get orders after you got the authorization to travel? waiting on the form o143 and sgli to be processed though.
At this point, I would call and ask every week. I had mine late April, but I was under the impression that calling didn't help. MPF said they couldn't request my orders so I just waited till they appeared.
I got my orders late April but I still haven't cleared the "Authorization to Travel" from the appointee kit. Still waiting on that MiCare email! I believe that you don't need to complete the appointee kit before you can get your orders. The MPF should be notified of your PCS to USAFA and you will receive an email from your FSS to turn in your "Projected Departure Date." You should then have your orders within a week after completing that paperwork. Hope you get them soon!