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    So my current situation is: I'm an enlisted airman 3 months at my first permanent duty station(bmt start date Oct 2015) I am 19 turning 20 in December of this year.

    I heard about the LEAD program from a briefer at FTAC and it piqued my interest. My reasons for wanting to join are pretty selfish. My current job is 2A6X1, Jet engine mechanic although I give 100% effort, I know I won't be doing anything involved with my current specialty after I leave the service, and I feel like going into the LEAD program and going through the Academy will be a better use of my time because I will be getting an education out of it.

    I had a 3.1 in high school, SAT scores of :Reading 530 Math 600 Writing 500. I didn't do any volunteer or leadership activites.

    My question is, what can I do to make the best package possible with such little volunteer/ leadership activities, and being so new to the enlisted side of things to get accepted into the LEAD program. I want/ will do whatever it takes.
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    First, for those here who do not know, FTAC stands for First Term Airman Course and is given to incoming Airman at their first duty station.

    Second, Your HS gpa is decent for someone applying through the LEAD program, but it doesn't really matter because that isn't something you can control. I'd focus on your job, volunteer work, getting involved with the Airman's council, and raising your SAT score/possibly taking the ACT. You'll need your commander's endorsement and that is handled differently depending on the commander/base. The things you can do to improve your chances are the same things that would make you competitive for BTZ (below the zone promotion to SrA). If you ask around your squadron about that then people will likely be a lot more receptive. You'll be 20 in December, which is good. If you apply for the C/O 2021 and don't get in then you'll have a couple more chances before you bust the age requirement. I highly recommend that you accept an offer to USAFA Prep should you receive one.

    It's been a while since I've gone through the application process and details change every year, but drop me a PM if you have any more questions about transitioning to the Academy from the enlisted force. Good luck.

    note: you might need a few more posts before you are given access to the personal message system.
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